Partnering with Dr. Aldo Leopardi

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Get More Out of Your Dental Practice.
Much More.


Improve patient care, without adding overhead expense, by partnering with prosthodontist Dr. Aldo Leopardi. You can trust Dr. Leopardi to offer the impeccable service you expect, as he is a seasoned specialist.

Consider Dr. Leopardi’s expertise an extension of your professional practice. The level of experience and precision that Dr. Leopardi offers makes it easy for you to refer patients with complete confidence.

The benefits of referring your patients to Dr. Leopardi for the best prosthodontic care include:


  • Improved patient care without additional overhead expense
  • Ease of referring patients with complete confidence
  • Reasonable diagnostic and treatment planning service fees
  • The very best in prosthodontic care for every patient
  • Private, one-on-one initial patient consultations
  • Personalized patient education for all aspects of treatment


Dr. Leopardi’s commitment to our referring physicians starts with a seamless referral process and carries through with exceptional patient care and post-treatment communication.

Our procedures include:

  • Dental implant therapy: fixed and removable
  • Crown and bridge therapy: single and multiple units
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Removable: complete and partial, immediate and definitive
  • Anterior porcelain laminate veneer therapy
  • Posterior ceramic restorative options: partial and full coverage


To receive referral cards and patient brochures, please Download a PDF to fill out and fax back to Dr. Leopardi.


Educational Video Library

Dr. Aldo Leopardi is committed to providing an engaging, knowledgeable experience for everyone.  With Dr. Leopardi’s years of hard and accomplished work in academia and clinical dentistry, he also has a passion in sharing his knowledge through continuing educational programs.  The following links will provide you with educational video resources conducted by Dr. Leopardi.  Click on the link that interests you the most and enjoy.


CLICK HERE to view Dr. Aldo Leopardi’s Complete Denture Technique Video