Coming Soon! The Complete Denture Residency Program for the General Dentist

Coming Soon! The Complete Denture Residency Program for the General Dentist

Aldo Leopardi, BDS, DDS, MS and Perry and Young Dental Laboratory are proud to present…

The Complete Denture Residency Program for the General Dentist

Anticipated date: Spring 2011.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Duration: 2 and half days.

Hands-on and didactic.

Complete live patient DVD series available Spring 2011: the ‘a to z” of clinical complete denture therapy, clinical and laboratory.

    Removable complete denture therapy is a challenging treatment modality.  Undergraduate training in this field of dentistry has historically been lacking.  In fact, recent trends with dental school administrators have been to significantly reduce its emphasis in the undergraduate curriculum.

    Complete denture therapy is essentially a complete dental reconstruction of the most debilitated patients in the general dental practice.  The purpose of this program is to help the dentist gain an improved understanding of patient and treatment expectations, anatomical limitations, clinical techniques, denture occlusion, aesthetics and ultimately obtain enhanced patient and clinical treatment outcomes.

    Course Objective:

    The objective of this three day program is to provide a Comprehensive, Hands-On Complete Denture Experience for the General Dentist. Topics will include, but not be limited to the following:

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning: patient expectations.
    • Appointment sequencing.
    • Primary impression techniques.
    • Secondary impression techniques/border molding: green stick compound verses polyvinyl siloxane/polyether.
    • Maxillomandibular jaw relations.
    • Teeth Selection.
    • Combined secondary impression and maxillomandibular relations technique.
    • Denture occlusion: bilateral balanced verses flat plan verses lingualized.
    • Aesthetics.
    • Delivery appointment.
    • Timing of procedures review.
    • Fee Structures.
    • Introduction to implant therapy: benefits to the completely edentulous patient.

    Despite the trained clinicians’ best clinical efforts, not all edentulous patients will transition to become satisfied denture wearers.  For these patients, dental implant therapy may provide the help needed to improve the quality of their lives.  Understanding and becoming proficient in complete denture therapy is the gate-way to comprehending prosthodontic implant therapy solutions for the completely edentulous patient.

    Course Duration:

    • three days.
    • 24 hours of continuing education credits.

    Intended Audience:

    • General Dentists.
    • Prosthodontists.
    • Dental Technicians.

    Course Director:

    Aldo Leopardi, BDS, DDS, MS, Prosthodontist – Greenwood Village, Colorado

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