Barry Shapiro is a dynamic executive coach who helps physicians to drastically improve their communication skills. The outcome is improved public speaking and perfected private bedside manner. Specifically, Barry provides one-on one coaching to physicians in preparation for their keynote speeches, hospital meetings, industry lectures, patient/family consultations and/or critical board member presentations. He consistently receives top ratings from doctors and has been described as “uniquely able to create change and improve the performance of people with strong personalities.”

Barry developed + practices an effective 6-Step speaker development process:


1- D efines measurable performance goals (including concerns/risks, strengths/weaknesses).

2- O bserves a live presentation (conference, internal hospital meeting, mock presentation)

3- C ontracts to gather feedback from others (internal colleagues, patients, Medical Director)

4- T alks through feedback and observations. (data-driven coaching)

5- O ptimizes targeted skill development

(vocal: loudness, variation, speed and word fillers)

(visual: gestures, physical positioning, use of slides)

6- R evises behavior after measuring outcomes. (on-site consultations)


Before he founded the Shapiro Consulting Group, Barry served as Director of Training and Development for a global consulting firm, designing and delivering leadership development programs throughout the United States, Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe. Additionally, Barry spent 12 years working within hospital and outpatient settings; first as a group therapist and then as the director of several psychiatric treatment facilities overseeing the work of psychiatrists, nurses and clinicians. As director, Barry improved clinical outcomes by reducing the number of patient hospitalizations by 14% and improved the financial performance of the hospital clinics by 23%. He currently partners with healthcare executive officers to enhance their critical leadership and communication effectiveness.

Barry graduated with honors from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received his Master’s degree in Agency Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a member of The American Society for Training and Development and is affiliated with the Colorado Speaker’s association.

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